John Bass Heart Beat Sounds

AKA heartbeatseeker



John Bass Heartbeat Sounds is expanding the horizons of electronic music.

Crafted with passion in an intimate studio and inspired by the festival scene, this project offers an ideal fit for impactful moments in films, trailers and beyond.

With a unique blend of bass-driven rhythms and evocative melodies, the music creates emotional landscapes that resonate with listeners.

On the cusp of capturing a broader audience, each track is a self-contained narrative, making every beat a story in itself.

About his work, John shares:

“Each song is a piece of my journey, my aspirations, and my life. My music isn’t just sound; it’s a connection, making it perfect for emotional scenes in any visual medium.”

John is also interested in custom projects.

Don’t miss the opportunity to feature John Bass Heartbeat Sounds in your next project.

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