John Bass Heart Beat Sounds

AKA heartbeatseeker



John Bass Heartbeat Sounds is what your heartbeat feels like – vibrant, deep, and resonant. An artist who blends a spectrum of electronic genres as seamlessly as your favorite playlist. Whether you’re immersed in the solitude of your room or the energy of a crowded festival, John’s music is there, pulsing alongside you.

Celebrating life with the beat of electronic music, John embraces both ends of the spectrum; from thumping bass lines to intricate, emotive melodies. His craft is an exploration of sound – at times a powerful bass drop, at others a delicate harmonic journey, always aiming to move both spirit and body.

John Bass Heartbeat Sounds’ captivating rhythms have echoed from intimate studios to sprawling festival fields, captivating listeners worldwide. Now, he’s set to become your next musical discovery. Are you ready to feel the rhythm?

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