Heart Beat Manifesto: Collective Creativity & Self-Discovery through Music


In a world where conformity often eclipses authenticity, music emerges as a beacon of truth and self-expression. This manifesto serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of collective creativity and self-discovery, where music is not just an experience but a revelation and celebration of the true self.

Purpose: The Why

Our purpose is to breathe life into collective creativity, where fans are integral fibres in the fabric of music, living and breathing every note and melody. We believe that music is a reflection of the inner self, a symbol that resonates with the core of who we truly are – a part that is often concealed by the masks society urges us to wear.

Unity in Diversity: The Collective ‘We’

In the harmonious symphony of this manifesto, the term “we” resonates as a chord of unity, encompassing not just the artist, but every listener, every fan, and every individual who finds a fragment of their truth in the music. “We” signifies a collective, a community bound by the beats and melodies that speak to our innermost selves.

This inclusive “we” is a deliberate choice, a reflection of the symbiotic relationship between the artist and the audience. It underscores the belief that music is a shared journey of discovery and expression. The artist may lay down the tracks, but it is the listeners who breathe life into the music, infusing it with their experiences, interpretations, and emotions.

As you immerse yourself in the rhythm of this manifesto and the music it represents, know that “we” is an invitation. An invitation to join a collective where every note is a dialogue, every melody a shared experience. Here, in the unity of “we,” artist and listener coexist, co-create, and contribute to the ever-evolving story of sound and meaning.

Through the collective “we,” we find strength in diversity, unity in individuality, and a shared rhythm in the myriad beats of our hearts. Together, we embark on a journey of musical exploration, shaping and being shaped by the soundscapes we traverse.

Vision: Building Community & Fostering Freedom

We envision a community bound by the shared experience of music, a sanctuary where individuals find freedom and resonate on the same wavelength. Here, we build bridges through beats and harmonies, creating a space where each voice is valued, each note contributes to the symphony, and every individual finds a sense of belonging and creative freedom in our shared musical landscape.

United by a Shared Identity

Music is our way of recognising our intrinsic shared identity. It’s about discovering the thread that weaves us together, celebrating our collective human experience while embracing the uniqueness of each individual. Our music serves as a soundtrack to moments of self-discovery, personal growth, and communal celebration. It extends an invitation to join a community where everyone is welcome, diversity is celebrated, and a mutual love for music unites us all.

Together, we embark on a journey filled with immersive experiences, deep connections, and collaborative creativity. Let us revel in our common bond and shared identity, creating a world where music is the language that brings us closer, fosters understanding, and ignites the spark of collective transformation.

Mission: A Journey to Find Kindred Spirits

We are on a quest to find others like us – the dreamers, the free spirits, the kindred souls who see music as a gateway to self-discovery. Our music serves as a compass, guiding us towards individuals who share our pursuit of authenticity and freedom.

Embarking on a harmonious journey, we are in pursuit of the like-minded and the heart-connected – the dreamers, the free spirits, the kindred souls who perceive music not just as an art form, but as a gateway to self-discovery and a mirror reflecting our innermost selves. Our mission is to create a symphony of voices, a melody of diverse tones and rhythms, that resonates with those who seek authenticity, freedom, and a sense of belonging.

Our music serves as a compass, a guiding melody in the vastness of human experience, leading us towards individuals who share our pursuit of truth and liberation. It is a beacon of light in a world often shrouded in shadows, illuminating the path to those who, like us, dance to the beat of their own drum and find solace and connection in the shared rhythm of life.

In this journey, we seek to build bridges of understanding and create a constellation of experiences that unite us in our diversity. We aim to foster a community where every note strikes a chord of recognition, where every melody is a celebration of our shared human experience, and where every song is an invitation to explore the depths of our being.

Together, we traverse the landscapes of sound and emotion, discovering hidden treasures within ourselves and within others. We will celebrate the joy of finding kindred spirits, of connecting on a level that transcends words, and of creating a harmonious melody that reflects the beauty and complexity of our shared existence.

In this mission, we are not just composers or listeners; we are explorers of the soul, navigators of the heart, and creators of a musical universe where every individual is a star, shining brightly in the symphony of life. Join us in this harmonious quest, and let us find unity in diversity, freedom in expression, and connection in the music that binds us all.

Artistic Philosophy: Experience Gives Meaning

Every note we produce and every melody we craft are not just elements of sound; they are vessels of potential, imbued with the possibility of conveying profound meaning and emotion. These musical elements are the raw materials, the building blocks that hold within them the capacity to resonate, to move, and to connect on a deeply human level.

However, it is not in isolation that these notes and melodies realize their full potential. It is the listener’s experience, their individual interpretation and emotional engagement, that breathes life into the music. It transforms the composition from a sequence of mere zeros and ones into a living, breathing entity – a vibrant expression of the human spirit, a reminder of the depth and complexity of what lies within us.

In this symbiotic relationship between creator and receiver, the music becomes a shared journey of discovery and reflection. The listener’s personal experiences, memories, and emotions interact with the artistic intention, giving shape and substance to the musical narrative. This dynamic interplay results in a unique and personal interpretation, allowing the music to evolve and adapt, to become a mirror reflecting the multifaceted nature of the human experience.

Our artistic philosophy is grounded in the belief that music is a universal language, a form of communication that transcends barriers and boundaries. It has the power to unite us, to evoke empathy and understanding, and to create a sense of shared humanity. In this way, the experience of the listener is not just a passive reception; it is an active contribution, a vital element that gives meaning and depth to the musical expression.

In embracing this philosophy, we acknowledge the transformative power of music and the pivotal role of the listener in shaping its significance. We aspire to create compositions that invite exploration, provoke thought, and encourage a deeper connection with the self and with others. Through this collaborative process of creation and reception, we seek to contribute to a richer, more diverse musical landscape, where experience is the key that unlocks the true essence of every melody.

Artist Statement

The essence of my creative process is intent on catching the attention of your soul. I meticulously craft each beat with the intention of evoking a resonance within you. It’s about creating a space where you can listen, feel, and recognise the part of yourself you want to feel deeper. The music is a mirror, reflecting the depth and beauty of your inner being, inviting you to explore, understand, and embrace it.

Your presence, your reactions, and your shared experiences are the pulse that infuses life into the music. When I see the recognition in your eyes, when I hear the joy in your voice, when I feel the collective heartbeat of our community, it ignites a spark that transforms into a blazing rhythm. Your stories, your dreams, and your aspirations are the threads that weave into the fabric of the melodies, creating a resonant experience that is rich, vibrant, and alive.

This journey is not a solitary one; it’s a harmonious co-creation. The feedback, the interactions, and the shared moments within our community play a pivotal role in shaping the music. Your voice is heard, your spirit is felt, and your essence is interwoven into each note, making you an integral part of the creative odyssey.

This creative process is a shared voyage of discovery and expression. Together, we delve into the uncharted territories of the soul, seeking the music that resides within, waiting to be unveiled. It’s a symbiotic dance where inspiration is drawn, souls are touched, and music becomes a living, breathing entity, reflective of our collective heartbeats and dreams. Join me in this exploration, be a co-creator of the symphony, and let’s bring the music of our souls to life.

Core Values


At the core of our music and community, we wholeheartedly embrace our genuine selves, casting aside the masks imposed by society and relishing in the liberating power of true expression. In doing so, authenticity acts as the key that unlocks deeper connections with ourselves and one another, nurturing a thriving community grounded in honesty and openness.


Liberty encapsulates the freedom of expression, thought, and experience in our music and community. It’s about breaking free from constraints and exploring the boundless landscapes of creativity and self-discovery. We champion the liberation of the mind and soul, encouraging every individual to break free from the shackles of convention and to dance to the tune of their own heartbeat.


In unity, we find strength, resonance, and harmony. It represents the strength and resonance of a community united by shared experiences and aspirations, creating a harmonious space where each member contributes to the collective melody. Together, we create a harmonious community where each note, each beat, echoes the collective aspiration for togetherness and mutual understanding.


Simplicity is the canvas upon which our music is painted, allowing the essence of our sound to shine through. It is the essence of our musical expression and community engagement. It strips away the noise, revealing the raw and elemental beauty of sound and connection. Through simplicity, we find clarity and resonance, enabling the music to touch hearts and souls on a profound level.


Self-Awareness is the lens through which we perceive, understand, and experience the world. It’s about being attuned to the nuances of music, the pulse of the community, and the resonance within ourselves. Self-Awareness fosters mindfulness, enriching our experiences and deepening the connections we forge through the universal language of music.


Time is the silent composer of our shared symphony, marking the rhythm of experiences and etching melodies into memory. It’s a fleeting and invaluable canvas, a reminder to savour the transient harmonies of the present and the enduring echoes of the past. We honour the fleeting nature of each moment, cherishing the transient beauty of now.


Insight is the key that unlocks the depth of our musical understanding and connection. It’s the light that illuminates the hidden truths, the wisdom gained through mindful experiences. Insight enables us to delve deeper into the essence of music, to resonate with the harmonies of the heart, and to forge bonds that transcend the ordinary.

Creative Self-Exploration

The value of creating lies in its intrinsic worth. It’s the brush stroke on a blank canvas, the first note in a silent room, the genesis of something new, unique, and unrepeatable. The act of creating is a declaration of our existence, our contribution to the ever-evolving spectrum of reality. It’s a testament to our ability to shape, influence, and add beauty to the world around us.

Creating is a mirror into our souls. It invites introspection, reflection, and a deep dive into the uncharted waters of our psyche. It’s a pathway to understanding our motivations, our desires, our fears, and our dreams. Through creating, we unravel the layers of our being, discovering the essence of who we are and what we can become.

The act of creating is a bridge, connecting us to others and to the universe. It’s a universal language, transcending borders, cultures, and time. Through our creations, we share a piece of ourselves, fostering understanding, empathy, and unity. We become part of a collective consciousness, a united creative force shaping the narrative of human experience.

Creating is empowering. It’s taking control of our narrative, asserting our voice, and making our mark. It’s a liberation from constraints, an exploration of possibilities, and a celebration of our potential. In the act of creating, we find freedom – freedom to express, to innovate, to challenge, and to transform.

The value of creating extends beyond the present moment. It’s a legacy, a gift to the future, a timeless relic of our existence. Our creations live on, telling our story, sharing our perspective, and inspiring generations to come. They are the footprints we leave in the sands of time, a testament to our journey and our contribution to the eternal creative flow.

The act of creating is a sacred endeavour, a dance of the divine and the human, a symphony of the seen and the unseen. It’s a celebration of life, a reflection of the cosmos, and a journey into the infinite possibilities of existence. In creating, we find ourselves, we connect with others, and we touch the eternal. It’s a precious gift, a profound responsibility, and a glorious adventure. So, let us create, let us explore, let us connect, and let us celebrate the wondrous value of creating.

The act of creating is a dance of the soul, a harmonious interplay between imagination and manifestation. It is in this act that we find the rhythm of existence, the melody of our innermost being, and the symphony of our connection to the universe. Creating is not just an act; it’s a journey, a quest, an undeniable manifestation of our adventurous spirit guiding us towards self-discovery and universal understanding.

Join the Symphony of Self-Discovery

We extend a warm invitation to all who feel the call of our music – come, join us in cultivating a community where every beat harmonises with the rhythm of freedom, and every melody opens a path to self-discovery. Together, let’s compose a symphony that resonates with our true selves and serves as a reminder of who we truly are.

This manifesto serves as a guide and inspiration for all our musical endeavours, reflecting our commitment to creating a heart centred music experience that is a catalyst for self-discovery and community-building.

Join us in this symphonic journey to unearth the rhythm of our hearts and the melody of our souls. Here are the steps to become an integral part of our harmonious community and contribute to realising our collective vision:

1. Engage with the Beat:

  • Dive deep into the music. Let each note resonate with your inner self. Share your experiences, reflections, and the emotions evoked, fostering a deeper connection within our community.

2. Embrace Your Authenticity:

  • Be true to yourself. Embrace your authenticity and let it shine through. Share your unique perspective and insights, contributing to the diversity and richness of our collective voice.

3. Participate in the Dialogue:

  • Join the conversations on our platforms. Share your thoughts, ideas, and stories. Engage with fellow members, learning from one another, and building unity through diversity.

4. Co-Create the Experience:

  • Be part of the creative process. Share your ideas, collaborate with others, and contribute to the evolution of John Bass Heart Beat Sounds. Your input is valuable in shaping the music and the community.

5. Spread the Rhythm:

  • Help grow our community. Share the music, invite friends, and bring more like-minded individuals into our circle. The more hearts we connect, the stronger our collective beat.

6. Live the Values:

  • Embody the values of authenticity, liberty, unity, simplicity, time, and self-awareness in your interactions within the community and beyond. Be a beacon of these values, inspiring others and strengthening our shared foundation.

7. Celebrate Each Moment:

  • Be present. Cherish each moment, each interaction, and each note. Celebrate the joy of being part of something bigger, of connecting with others, and of discovering your true self through music.

Your voice, your beat, and your spirit are the lifeblood of this community. Together, we can bring this vision to life, creating a space where every heart beats in unity, and every soul resonates with the music of authenticity. Step into the rhythm, be part of the symphony, and let’s co-create a world of harmony, connection, and self-discovery.