Music transcends borders, lives, and stories, reaching deep into our souls, binding the intricacies of emotion and life’s experiences. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to an artist whose journey, passion, and craftsmanship reflect the true essence of music. Meet KRLYK, the sparkling gem from Calgary.

From dreams whispered in the shadows of childhood to the pulsating beats she crafts today, KRLYK’s journey into the world of music wasn’t just a calling—it was destiny. Facing the silence of doubters, it was life’s upheavals that became her propelling force, turning naysayers into the fuel for her fierce determination.

Love for the Rhythm

It’s interesting when life’s twists and turns lead us back to our first love. For KRLYK, it’s always been music—a love so deep that even her ex-husband acknowledged no one loved music as deeply as her. And while most of us nod our heads to the rhythm, KRLYK feels every beat, every note, every pause. For her, music isn’t just an auditory experience; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s no wonder her friends would often find themselves enveloped in her musical universe, a testament to the infectious nature of her passion.

The Melodic Spectrum

Every artist is, in essence, a storyteller. But instead of words, they use melodies, beats, and rhythms to convey their tales. KRLYK is no different. She invites her listeners into a diverse soundscape, one that doesn’t adhere to the rigid confines of genres. Instead, she offers a palette of sounds as varied and rich as her inspirations. Let’s dive into some of her standout tracks that perfectly exemplify her range and depth as an artist.

Jewels & Wasted Zebras

Swaying between the realms of memory and emotion, “Jewels & Wasted Zebras” is an ode to the beauty found in melancholy. It’s the kind of track you’d want to listen to on a quiet evening, with its gentle tunes providing a soothing balm for the day’s chaos. The feeling it evokes isn’t just mellow; it’s introspective, urging listeners to delve deep into their feelings and emerge with a sense of understanding.


The art of anticipation is a craft that few master, but with “Slurring,” KRLYK shows she’s among those few. The track teases listeners, building a narrative that culminates in a profound melody. Once the bass hits, it’s like the floodgates of emotion open up. The beats, intricate and perfectly syncopated, combined with the hauntingly beautiful vocals, make for an unforgettable auditory experience.

Let Go

Experimental yet familiar, “Let Go” is a testament to KRLYK’s versatility. The track doesn’t give everything away at once. Instead, it unravels slowly, allowing listeners to savor every note, every beat. The drums that emerge are reminiscent of heartbeats – subtle yet powerful. Coupled with the choppy vocals, the track becomes a rhythmic puzzle, challenging yet immensely satisfying to decipher.

Lose Control

A celebration of rhythm and energy, “Lose Control” is a nod to the infectious energy of drum n bass. But what sets it apart is the distorted stabby lead – a sound that’s unexpected, yet fits perfectly. It’s a track that demands your attention, urging you to let go and lose yourself in the beat.

Noise & Stuff

From its very first note, “Noise & Stuff” promises a journey. It begins with a sense of intrigue, slowly building an atmosphere thick with anticipation. As the track progresses, it evolves, presenting layers upon layers of sound that lead up to a breathy crescendo. But just when you think you’ve figured it out, it offers a twist, proving that KRLYK is always one step ahead.

KRLYK’s music is a blend of technique, emotion, and pure passion. It’s a reflection of her life’s journey, her love for music, and her innate ability to connect with listeners. Each track, with its unique flavor and feel, offers a glimpse into her world, making every listen an adventure worth embarking on.

Fun, Catchy, and Irresistible

In a sea of EDM producers who sometimes take themselves too seriously (me included), KRLYK reminds us of the lighter side of music. Her tracks are catchy, cheeky, and undeniably irresistible. As someone who mostly crafts serious sounding tunes, it’s refreshing to see artists like KRLYK who offer a breath of fresh, light-hearted air. However, let it be clear: her lightness in tone does not equate to a lack of depth or substance. In every playful beat and whimsical note, there lies a dedication and passion that demands respect and attention. In the end, while KRLYK may dance in the lighter realms of EDM, her music carries a weight and authenticity that is impossible to ignore.

A Sonic Experience Not to Be Missed

To all the music aficionados reading this, if you’re looking for music that stirs emotions and transcends you into a world meticulously crafted by passion and determination, KRLYK is an artist you should not miss.

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