Jamshedpur’s Rising Star

Fans of John Bass Heart Beat Sounds, today I introduce FlankR, an 18-year-old talent from Jamshedpur, India. His beginnings in the world of sound were molded by an early interest in NCS, and his exploration in FL Studio.

From Pixels to Cinematic Waves

Many find solace in video games, and for our young artist, it was no different. However, “Interstellar” introduced him to another realm – the universe of Hans Zimmer. This sparked a journey into orchestral sounds, while still paying homage to his fondness for rock.

A Fusion of Genres

Charting unexplored musical territories, he’s experimented with blending classical orchestral elements with the dynamic energy of EDM. The result? A sound that captivates by merging tradition with contemporary beats.

More Than Just a Melody

For this artist, music isn’t just about the notes. It’s about the story that fuels the composition. Every piece he crafts is rooted in a narrative, offering listeners more than just a song – it’s an experience.

Diving into the Sound

  • Fading Promises: This piece is refreshing, a breath of fresh air. It starts mellow, gently crescendoing into a deep bass rhythm, punctuated by innovative beats. The second drop, marked by dnb breaks, hints at a sonic surprise, making for a versatile listening experience.
  • Annihilation: It kicks off with gusto. The track boasts of an energetic bass lead that’s hard to ignore. The dubstep undertones, interspersed with short breaks, create a piece that is as engaging as it is unpredictable.
  • Nebula: It starts with subtlety, gradually introducing different elements. As the track progresses, it offers a unique blend of calm and grandeur. It’s the kind of tune perfect for reflective moments.

Find FlankR’s Music Here

Closing Thoughts

Stay tuned, keep the beats alive, and let’s embrace the diversity of music.

Till the next rhythm,
John Bass.

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